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The objective of trainings is to develop personal skills by means of exchange of knowledge and experience and reflection.

Trainings are given by excellent teachers that can cover more than just one topic. Trainers focus on imparting knowledge, but also on cultivating skills. Students will be asked to bring local challenges to the training.

High-interaction elements will be included in each training. For example: exchanging local challenges, working on an assignment in groups and site visits.

Where possible trainings will be organized in conjunction with other events, for example: CIVITAS events, POLIS conference and ECOMM.

How to participate?

Go to events where you can find the upcoming trainings. If you are interested in participating one of our trainings, send an e-mail to and let us know which training you would like to attend. We will confirm your registration by e-mail.

Estimated time necessary

Trainings may vary from between 2 hours to a half day. For each training participants may be asked conduct an exercise or follow an e-course as preparation.


A student receives a CIVITAS Learning Centre Certificate for a training when (a) a preparation activity has been conducted and (b) the exercise during the training has been fulfilled.

More information?

If you need any more information contact the CIVITAS Learning Centre via