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Mobility Measure

Promoting Soft Mobility

Implementing sustainable mobility

Among the major changes proposed by the Urban Traffic Master Plan, the City of Trieste is establishing new pedestrian areas, walking and cycling trails. According to PISUS project a bike sharing system will be introduced in the inner city. Within this measure the city of Trieste and its local partners will:

1) increase pedestrian areas and cycling paths in the Old city center in order to define new accessibility solutions to the waterfront and to the Old Port areas and to increase the attractiveness of these areas to cycle and walk around;

2) enlarge the target area of the bike-sharing system and to promote and foster the cycling models of transport;

3) manage and maintain the future bike-sharing system through an external company able to offer the best implementation and enhancement offer and to enlarge this system through the installation of others bicycle parking stations within the Old Port areas;

4) increase intermodal solutions (bike-bus-boat) for tourists and commuters, involving the urban public transport company and the further development of cycling itineraries,

5) boost car sharing and car pooling systems.

All of these actions will be supported by awareness and consciousness campaign targeted to citizens, stakeholders, institutions focusing on the operating principles, advantages, effects of bike-sharing, car-pooling and car-sharing systems. The City will also undertake a detail soft mobility plan on tailor-made and effective opportunities, and a feasibility study on tailor-made solutions, including the implementation of a pilot project identifying, one or more routes and bus stops where users could change their mode from bus to bicycle and from boat to bicycle.