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Europe's highest awards for clean urban transport

Winners of the CIVITAS Awards 2019 (L to R): Stockholm (Sweden), Vinnytsia (Ukraine), Bremen (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium)

About the CIVITAS Awards

The CIVITAS Awards highlight some of the most ambitious, innovative, and successful sustainable urban mobility work currently being carried out.

They provide a prime platform for towns and cities to demonstrate their excellence in the field, both in terms of policymaking and implemented measures, whilst also having their efforts recognised by the European Commission.

Winners serve as role models to other towns and cities across Europe, inspiring them in their own initiatives to make cleaner and better urban transport.

Apply now for the CIVITAS Awards 2020

The call for applications has been launched for the CIVITAS Awards 2020. CIVITAS cities are invited to apply for some of Europe's most prestigious prizes for sustainable urban mobility.

The CIVITAS Awards provide a unique opportunity for cities to demonstrate their achievements and pioneering sustainable urban mobility activities.

This year will be remembered for many reasons; not least, it has been a year of radical change in the area of mobility. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way people live and travel and, consequently, many cities have had to adapt their mobility systems to keep their citizens moving. 

In light of this, the CIVITAS Awards 2020 are specially designed to showcase the efforts of CIVITAS cities that have rapidly and successfully adapted in response to the pandemic, demonstrating exceptional resilience.

Alongside this, the long-standing dedication of CIVITAS cities to sustainable mobility will again be recognised.

Applications are invited in relation to the following prizes this year:

  • The “CIVITAS Resilience” award, which will recognise cities that have introduced (ad-hoc) bold and transformational measures due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is split into two categories, one for larger municipalities with over 100,000 inhabitants and one for smaller municipalities with less than 100,000 inhabitants; and,
  • The “CIVITAS Legacy” award, which will reward a city that has translated its commitment to the CIVITAS network and sustainable mobility into high-impact, innovative measures.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 2 September 2020! Please apply via an online application form available here for the Resilience Awards and here for the Legacy Award.

All cities that have signed the CIVITAS Declaration and are members of the CIVITAS Forum Network are eligible to apply for both awards. In case your town is not yet a Forum member, please complete and sign the CIVITAS Forum Declaration.

The decision of the CIVITAS Awards Jury is expected in the second half of September and the winners will be announced during Urban Mobility Days 2020.

Further information

For enquiries, please contact the CIVITAS Awards organising team:

Read the inspiring stories of the 2019 winners now - Vinnytisa (Ukraine), Antwerp (Belgium), Stockholm (Sweden) and Bremen (Germany).

The prizes

Custom acknowledgement   

Winners will receive a custom certificate signed by the European Commission recognising their city’s commitment to cleaner, more sustainable public transport.



Pan-European visibility

Your city will be showcased on the CIVITAS website and promotional material and receive pan-European media coverage. 


Invitation to speaking opportunities

Your city will be invited to speak at appropriate events as a role model for sustainable mobility.


The Jury Members

The 2020 Jury Members will be announced soon!


For inquiries please contact CIVITAS Secretariat at

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CIVITAS Declaration and the Administrative Annex