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CIVITAS Forum 2018 Site Visits

The meeting point for all site visits is outside the main entrance (or in the foyer in case it rains). You are encouraged to arrive on time as each site visit can have a maximum number of 20 participants. Participation will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Each site visit guide will have a pole with a sign displaying the name of the site visit. Go there and get your sticker for the respective site visit you would like to take part in. Once all stickers are gone, no further participants can be accepted.

There are two opportunities to attend site visits. The first is on Wednesday 2 October, 10.30, and the second is on Friday 4 October, 14.00, following the closing plenary.  The site visits on both days will depart from the conference venue "Congress Graz".


A: Umeå University – smart university district

This site visit for 20 people (by bike!) will demonstrate the achievements of Smart City: Umeå, which is co-financed by Horizon 2020. With the goals to reduce CO2 emissions through reduced energy consumption and increase the modal share of sustainable modes in Umeå’s university district, the tour will highlight the measures intended to achieve this. These include a geothermal storage facility and an energy-optimised electric Bus Rapid Transit station.



B: Going electric – buses and cargo bikes

Climb aboard one of the world's cleanest, quietest, and most energy efficient  buses used for public transport and visit Umeå’s ultrafast charging station, which allows its buses to operate around the clock on clean energy produced in northern Sweden. Led by Mr Fredrik Forsell, Umeå’s Head of Public Transport, you and 54 other passengers will learn about e-buses and a little bit about public transport history too.

At our next stop, ‘U-Bike,’ we will demonstrate how the city centre’s rental system for e-cargo bikes provide an excellent alternative to cars. Try our electric cargo bikes and check out our secure public bike parking, maintenance services loading facilities, cargo bike parking and more – all features realised in conjunction with EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK!


C: Safe and secure gender-sensitive infrastructure

What do a bus station, a park, and a tunnel say about equality and gender issues? Visiting Umeå’s gendered landscape by bus, we invite up to 55 participants to traverse a city that has worked to ensure gender equality for many years.

Illustrating successful examples of transformation and city landmarks alongside outstanding issues and challenges, the tour will underline the importance of gender in creating inclusive cities and empowering citizens to be part of the planning process.




D: Vasaplan - Umeå’s new multimodal hub

In the heart of Umeå lies Vasaplan, northern Sweden's busiest bus terminal. It was rebuilt between 2017 and 2018 to give citizens better access to public transport, whilst creating a more pleasant public space in the process. Realised as a EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK permanent measure, Vasaplan was modernised to cope with both current and future demands .

During this walking tour, you and around 20 other people you will see and learn how Umeå engaged with its citizens through art in order to identify Vasaplan’s investment priorities And in the spirit of multimodality, the super cycle highway to Umeå University can be found a mere 100 meteres away, a real transformation from bygone days of nothing but car traffic!



E: Northern Sweden as a biofuel region

In northern Sweden, approximately 97 per cent of productive land is covered by forest. What's more, our stock has doubled over the last 100 years in order to supply wood, paper, and bioenergy - including biofuels – to society. Be one of the 60 people to head deep into the forest by HVO-fuelled (bio-diesel) bus to see the enterprise and vision behind this process.

When there, you will meet the forest owners and biofuel producers. You will hear about examples of the wide variety of forest products produced from sustainable forest management. Trees are set aside for biodiversity purposes at multiple scale levels, varying from individual trees to areas of thousands of hectares.

Oh, and there will be a lunch picnic on the Wednesday visit as well!