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Below you can find the materials presented during the various sessions of the CIVITAS Forum Conference 2017.


A1 - Innovative approaches for engaging and supporting industry and local authorities in urban freight strategy development


PDF icon1.citylab-_engaging_and_supporting_industry_and_city_authorities_-_j.andersen.pdf


A2 - Decision making in the digital age: The role of data in transport policies and decisions for non-motorised modes

A3 - Enabling public transport innovation in cities

A4 - Equity and sustainability challenges of mobility in the urban periphery

A5 - Administrative  barriers for SUMP development: Experiences from countries with low SUMP take-up

B1 - What’s new? Cities sharing their latest innovations

B2 - Empower: Knowledge and tools to reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles and to stimulate active mobility

B3 - Success factors for the deployment of clean fuels and vehicles in cities

B4 - The data challenge

B5 - Track and trace