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The CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project will present the initial outcomes of their work package on MaaS and share experiences with other cities. The result diagram (“spiderwebs”) will be displayed at the ECCENTRIC stand, linked to the workshop taking place at 12:00-13:00 in Room PS2. In the main workshop will focus on small groups discussing the diagrams, getting feedback and input from other cities and to inspire other cities on the topic of MaaS.


CiViNET Network Spain and Portugal Association

The City of Torres Vedras is the Presidency of the CiViNET Spain and Portugal Network Association, and as the next CiViTAS Forum will be held in the Portuguese City, first of all, it is a perfect opportunity to attract more cities to be members of the network, especially from Portugal. Secondly, it is a good moment to show the work developed the last eight years, including the reports and the studies. Thirdly, the Network covers all topics, and also it is a place to ask about other Spanish and Portuguese cities. Maybe some cities searching for solutions can be directed to other cities in the area, and links can be implemented, in order to exchange best practices.



We will present Aimsun and Aimsun online. It is a traffic modelling software that allows you to model anything from a single bus lane to an entire region. Aimsun allows you to carry out traffic operations assessments of any scale and complexity. Aimsun online is a decision support system for real-time traffic management. Its dynamic, high-speed stimulation of large areas allows traffic operators to anticipate congestion before it happens and then select the best mitigation measures.



The week, 16-22 September every year, is a very public opportunity for towns and cities to interact with their residents and raise awareness to the benefits of active and sustainable transport modes. Often towns and cities choose to launch new local infrastructure, services or equipment (e.g. cycle lanes, footbridges, mobility info points), and policy measures or regulations (e.g. reduced speed zones, access restrictions, mobility plans etc). It culminates with ‘car-free day,’ which provides an occasion for experimenting with potential pedestrian areas, demand management schemes and parking policy revision. The campaign’s ‘MOBILITYACTIONS’ feature encourages a broader target group, as well as towns and cities, to host events and activities all year-round. This year’s theme is 'Clean, shared and intelligent mobility.' Last year saw record participation levels, with over 2,400 towns and cities participating from over 50 countries worldwide making it the largest global event dedicated to sustainable urban mobility.


ELIPTIC project

The products presented at the stand are a “Life Cycle Cost Calculator” (LCC) and a more-in-depth simulation tool for planning electric bus concepts, the “Electrification Planner” (EP). Both tools support decision makers from city authorities and public transport operators to either kick-off or to amplify the planning of electric bus concepts. The draft schedule for Deployment Day activities is as follows:  Hourly presentations of the LCC at the stand – demos based on reserved time slots for visitors (pre-filling of data template and reservation of time slots are required); Hourly presentations of the EP based on ELIPTIC’s use cases at the stand; Kick-start workshop (in small meeting room) with up to 15 participants.


Data and walking and cycling: Who’s got what? Why is it important? What can you do with it? FLOW, TRACE, and EMPOWER projects

What sources of data do cities have on walking and cycling? How do they collect it and how often? How do they analyse it? Why is it important to have such data? How does this affect planning decisions?

Data is becoming more and more important in urban transport, and active modes of transport are also increasing in profile. What are the connections between the two?

The three H2020 projects FLOW, TRACE and EMPOWER are combining forces to present different perspectives on reducing urban congestion in European cities by increasing walking and cycling and making cities more liveable.

The stand is also hosting hourly tours and presentations throughout the day.

10:30: Walk, cycle and win: try out the Positive Drive and Biklio apps on our TRACE city tour!

11:30: Using the Zwitch app to track and deliver incentives: bike tour

13:30: Prioritising pedestrians to reduce congestion in Lisbon (on the open stage)

14:30: Tracking walking & cycling: demonstration of TRACE TAToo planning tool

15:30: FLOW’s impact assessment tool

16:30: Using the Zwitch app to track and deliver incentives: walkshop     EMPOWER Logo


SUMP corner

The three CIVITAS SUMP projects – PROSPERITY, SUITS and SUMPs-Up - are aiming to set up a common exhibition stand in the form of an “SUMP corner”. This will serve the purpose of displaying the informative materials that each project is preparing separately or jointly, and will be also the starting point for a range of activities organised in the Deployment Day.

  • SUMPs-Up stand hosted by Rupprecht Consult and ICLEI: At the SUMPs-Up stand you can explore two brand-new online libraries that support your mobility planning live on computers. You will get one-on-one guidance by SUMP experts on how to use them and which tools or plans fit your needs:
  1. CIVITAS Urban Mobility Tool Inventory: Guided by our experts, you receive tool recommendations based on the topics and planning steps you are interested in. You are provided with concise information and get connected with their providers.
  2. SUMP Registry Based on the size and location of your city, you are provided with SUMPs that can inspire your next plan.
  • PROSPERITY stand hosted by Mobiel 21 and CSDCS
  • SUITS stand hosted by Coventry University and SIGNOSIS Sprl.


CIVITAS Tool Inventory

The CIVITAS Urban Mobility Tool Inventory is an online database of 100+ tools and methods that helps local authorities make better informed decisions about which planning tools to apply in their given local context. Using clear categories, advanced search functions and interactive user ratings, the dynamic inventory interface enables practitioners to easily identify the most useful tool for their needs. It features a broad range of tools and methods – including guidelines, software, manuals, mobile apps, serious games, and planning approaches – that are useful for all steps of urban mobility planning, from scenario building and measure selection to implementation and evaluation. The Urban Mobility Tool Inventory is a joint initiative of CIVITAS SATELLITE and SUMPs-UP.



Come visit the UITP stand to learn about the outcomes of a project on collecting and analysing data on public transport services in national level in 39 countries across the globe. UITP will also illustrate modal distribution of journeys made by public transport modes.


CIPTEC project

During the CIPTEC (Collective Innovation for Public Transport in European cities) project, Tero, with the support of the CIPTEC coordinator (AUTh) and the rest of the consortium, developed the CIPTEC crowdsourcing platform. This platform supports the generation of innovative Public Transport ideas from different groups of individuals, and in parallel stimulates dialogue and discussion among all parties involved in the process. The CIPTEC consortium conducted five different crowdsourcing campaigns in five different areas. During the CIVITAS Forum, we present the results and the innovative ideas gathered during the different CIPTEC crowdsourcing campaigns.


FluidHub project

FluidHub is an all-in-one cloud-based marketplace: it integrates the large variety of transport modes available in modern metropolitan areas into customisable mobility service packages. It supports mobility stakeholders in building up a sustainable MaaS ecosystem that can cope with today’s transport challenges in urban as well as rural areas. Fluidtime will integrate transport services available in the pilot areas Lisbon and Torres Vedras into its cloud-based FluidHub technology to build up a local mobility marketplace. Besides already available local offerings, in addition a smaller car sharing fleet equipped with hardware provided by the local service operator, Mobiag, is fully integrated.


GO SUMP project

The GO SUMP project is horizontal project financed under the MED programme, which supports the Urban Transport Community (UTC), one of the communities in the EU Interreg MED Programme, and promotes sustainable mobility solutions. The UTC comprises of six modular projects (CAMPsUMP, MOTIVATE, LOCATIONS, MOBILITAS, SUMPORT and REMEDIO), which are all oriented towards sustainable mobility solutions that are tailor made to meet challenges in the respective areas, based on sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs).


NOVELOG project

The NOVELOG Project would like to use the CIVITAS Deployment Day to promote the three Tools developed so far to the representatives of Cities (“Understanding Cities” Tool, the “Evaluation” Tool and the NOVELOG “Toolkit”°, increase uptake and train the cities and their representatives on their use and importance for city planning. Simple presentations to the participants on a regular basis and one-on-one or one-on-few hands-on training will help the cities learn how to use the tool, disseminate it and gain support.


NOVELOG project evaluation tool

The NOVELOG “Evaluation” Tool was officially launched on September 2016 and constitutes one of the four Tools that the project has in its Inventory. It is a web-based platform, which is composed of several components, and aims to provide to the user the desired information for assessing measures through a before and after analysis. Aim of “Evaluation” Tool’s exhibition in the Deployment day of CIVITAS FORUM 2017 is to further disseminate the Tool to other European projects’ consortia, interested cities and stakeholders, as well as to provide guidance upon its use.


ALLIANCE project

ALLIANCE project designed and produced an e-learning platform to share and use the educational and training material that has been developed for the needs of the project’s Sustainable Transport Interchange Program (STIP). The exhibition of the ALLIANCE e-platform in the Deployment Day of CIVITAS Forum 2017 will share the products of ALLIANCE with other European projects’ consortia, interested cities, and stakeholders, as well as serve as a platform to connect ALLIANCE members with a large number of stakeholders, belonging to the CIVITAS network.


Biklio project

Biklio is an app that connects bicycle users, local businesses and the city, and distributes bike benefits in the community. It creates a network of cycle-friendly local businesses, including shops, restaurants, cafes, florists, hairdressers, grocery stores, gelaterias, etc.. Biklio creates a network of cycle-to-shop benefits. We aim to create a Biklio cycle-to-spot network in Torres Vedras, engaging local shops. The tour will be a bike ride around the city, across the local bike-to-shop benefits network. The delegates will be able to test the app. They can download it and after cycling a while, the app will make them eligible for benefits in the local Biklionetwork. The app will generate a screen that proves their eligibility. They will then show it to the shops we visit and access the local benefits.


CREATE project

CREATE is a CIVITAS Horizon 2020 project that aims to reduce road congestion in cities by encouraging a switch from cars to sustainable modes of transport, and improve liveability of cities. It involves five Western European capitals and five Eastern European and Euro-Med cities ( Join us at the CREATE workshop (14:00-15:00, Room PS2) where we will share with you the project’s method, initial key findings, and discuss “How growing economies can leapfrog to sustainable mobility? CREATive ways to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities”! We also hope to meet you at the CREATE stand where you will find our updated CREATE leaflet.


North Central Europe Fast EV Network

The aim of this project is to build the first ever nationwide network of electric vehicle fast charging infrastructure in Poland (75 chargers by March 2019). At our exhibition stand we would present this project, with particular focus on areas of greatest probable interest to CIVITAS Forum attendees – how to identify and secure locations for charging facilities, what types of chargers are right for different situations, and how EV networks can form a part of larger mobility systems.


Transforming Transport project

Transforming Transport is working across seven pilot domains that cover highways, rail infrastructure, airports, urban mobility, vehicle connectivity, ports, and e-commerce logistics. Important benefits and improvements in each of the seven pilot domains established by TransformingTransport will emerge from this project.

Projects: Smart Highways, Sustainable Connected Vehicles, Proactive Rail Infrastructures, Ports as Intelligent Logistics Hubs, Smart Airport Turnaround, Integrated Urban Mobility, Shared Logistics for E-commerce


Interfaces Portugal


European Green Leaf

The European Green Capital Award (EGCA) launched in 2008, is one such initiative. Following its success, many smaller cities seek EU recognition of their effort and commitment in the areas of sustainability & environment. In response, the European Commission has launched the European Green Leaf Award.


SETA project

SETA will create methodologies and technologies for: (i) Effective and efficient gathering of large-scale heterogeneous data and information sensed by physical sensors, mobile devices, collected over large scale via participatory sensing and crowdsourcing, as well as derived from institutional, public and private bases; (ii) Designing and developing real-time, personalised and ubiquitous transport and mobility services for citizens and businesses; (iii) Designing and developing a dashboard for decision makers which will allow effective daily and long-term planning of transport in the metropolitan areas, as well as support resilience and safety of mobility.



Meet representatives of INEA/DG MOVE and get the latest updates and publications on the spot


PTV Group

PTV Group’s information stand offers leaflets and brochures. The stand provides information about travel demand modelling and real-time solutions, as well as offers technical support to municipalities dealing with SUMPs.


Amminex Emissions Technology A/S

Amminex Emissions Technology is a Danish cleantech company founded in 2005. Our vision is “A clean world driven by clean engines”, and our inventions and innovative technology provide cost efficient emissions technologies globally for diesel driven applications to enable superior and transparent DeNOx performance in real world operation, for both first-fit and retrofit, and with quality meeting industry standards.


The Traffic Agent

The Traffic Agent is an application and a mapping tool that gives children a possibility to contribute in to making roads in their local area and to school better and safer. The Traffic Agent records the children’s reports and tracks their immediate feedback on positive and negative aspects of their route to school. It pins the children’s reports in to an electronic map. This gives valuable information that can be taken in to consideration in our work to improve roads and increase traffic security. The Traffic Agent also maps their travel routine and who they are travelling with. This information is important to us, because it allows us to collect numbers on how many there is that are travelling by bike, by foot, or if they make use of the public transportation system to school.


Ping if you care!

Ping if you care! ( is a participatory campaign giving cyclists the opportunity to communicate and engage directly with local governments in order to increase safe cycling in the city. The main goal is to collect and visualise conflicts and locations of unsafety (infrastructural but also emotional) from the point of view of a highly heterogeneous demographic group of cyclists. Participants download the Bike Citizens app and install their Pinger! on their bicycle or on their jacket. At the exhibition stand, interested parties can get in touch with us to get an overview on the campaign, to get informed about how to participate and what is in for them.


Voltia Deployment Planning

This stand showcases Voltia Deployment Plans. These are the customised roadmaps that we prepare for each company/organisation/department interested in switching all or part of their commercial vehicle fleet to electric vehicles. We will show how we analyse their business operations and goals and each of their vehicle’s routes to arrive at the specific recommendations we make. The Deployment Plan is a step by step plan for how to switch to electric, how to minimize operational disruptions and how take full advantage of the benefits that electrification offers.


Sustainable Mobility education for primary schools – “I am a climate hero”

Even small children can become genuine climate heroes by walking to school and bring an end to the daily car chaos at the school gates. The programme includes a parent’s evening and 3 double lessons about climate change, teaching how to become a climate hero. This gives children a motivation to walk.

Numbers of activities:

Primary schools         11

Classes                       52

Children                 1.133

Parents                          900

Reduction of car journeys by an average of 8%

We are looking for partners in a new European project, where we can improve this scheme and develop it further.


LowCarb project

loW-CARb aims to enhance capacities for integrated low-carbon mobility planning in functional urban areas in Central Europe, in view of the potential for public transport in functional urban areas to contribute to achieving the EU’s White Paper goals of cutting transport emissions by 60 percent by 2050 and halving the use of conventionally fuelled cars in urban transport by 2030.


Papercast - Low Power Passenger Information Display Solution

Papercast is a ground breaking digital bus stop passenger information. We offer an extremely economical replacement for legacy electronic systems and traditional paper timetables, while providing the ideal technology platform for smart city public transport information solutions. Papercast service is a turnkey solution for the transport passenger information displays featuring, informing about the estimated time of arrival, timetables, maps, occurrences, news, etc.


CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-South East Europe Network

This stand presents the CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-South East Europe Network as well as projects/activities of our members through written materials, presentations, educational films developed during CIVITAS ELAN project, etc. The stand will be a gathering point for Network members, but also a place to exchange ideas and discuss possible cooperation with Forum participants. ODRAZ will present the public participation method used in project "Dialogue on mobility in Zagreb", where two CIVINET members are also partners, City of Zagreb and Cyclists' Union.


Instityte de Cidades e Vilas com Mobilidade
The Institute of Cities and Towns with Mobility is a private association of public interest that wishes to draw attention, inform as well as educate technicians and citizens about the necessity to buil social territories of Mobility, according to political orientations defined by the development strategy within the European context.



Doing Cost-Benefit analysis or economic appraisal of investments and measures could be complicated and resource demanding, although the results may provide little guidance of the net benefit effects. The DYN@MO CBA-tool offers a simple, alternative way of doing rough estimations. It is an open Excel spreadsheet, easy to adapt and extend for more advanced users, yet possible to be run by CBA beginners. Come and see for yourselves, and perhaps also suggest how it could be improved.


SUCCESS, CITYLAB, and U-TURN projects: "SUCCESS' collaborative decision-making approach to urban freight transport"

This stand will feature an interactive demo of a collaborative decision making approach for the planning of smart urban freight logistics related to construction, The stand will be a joint stand hosting three of the four current CIVITAS 2020 urban freight projects.



CIVITAS RIA/IA projects will have their visibility during the CIVITAS Forum Conference by sharing publications and promotional materials.



The Urban Transport Roadmaps project provides you with an on-line tool to help you develop the first scenarios of your SUMP. With its simplified approach the tool serves as a first step for people with non-specialist knowledge and allows you to:

  • explore and identify appropriate sustainable transport policy measures;
  • quantify the transport, environmental and economic impacts of these measures;
  • consider an implementation pathway (roadmap) for the policy scenario.


MOTIVATE project

MOTIVATE will develop a platform and apps for enhancing the quality and quantity of data to be used by mobility planners, so as to support them in defining and analysing the urban mobility context and to evaluate the existing transport services. In particular the MOTIVATE platform functionalities will collect: travel diaries, evaluation of the existing transport services, assessment/acceptance of the SUMP new measures and services, while, lastly, social media will be used in order to further promote sustainable mobility solutions in the city.


DAFNI Network of Sustainable Greek Islands

Activities relevant to sustainable mobility have been taking place since 2006, and in 2015 the dedicated Sustainable Mobility Department was established. Since then, the related actions have been intensified, leading to various activities.

DAFNI’s mobility department has the following main focus areas:

1) To empower sustainable mobility

2) Policy making and the European Dimension

3) Cross-sector activities


Cycling Embassy of Denmark

The members of the CED represent the latest knowledge of all areas related to cycling. Our competencies include planning bicycle and people-friendly cities, creating synergy between cycling and public transport, building safe infrastructure for cyclists like cycle tracks  and bicycle bridges, developing successful campaigns and municipal policies, designing urban furniture and much more.


CIVITAS eLearning Centre

Learn anytime, learn anywhere about any sustainable mobility topic! Find the related eCourses and webinars in the CIVITAS eLearning Centre (, which currently features over 150 learning resources ... and growing every day. Filter quickly by thematic area, language, originating project and delivery format such as eCourse, webinar, podcast etc. Come by the stand of the CIVITAS eLearning Centre to experience this free service of the CIVITAS Initiative for yourself. You might also get inspired to add further tools to it, we’ll show you how.


The Barraqueiro Group

Transport company specializes in the design and implementation of innovative passenger and freight mobility solutions, seeking for satisfying all its clients’ needs and interests, in a sustainable way. The leader in the Iberian suburban and interurban road passenger transport sector and a benchmark in rail and light rail operations, as well as an international road freight hauler, the Barraqueiro Group is proud of its long history and large experience, that dates back to its days as a small bus company founded in 1915.