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Mobility Measure

Integrated payment

Implementing sustainable mobility

To increase the overall accessibility of the mobility service

To facilitate the payment of PT services by  specific  tariff and mobile device, in order to promote the use of PT by citizens  and tourists

For this measure the following activities will be developed :

  • analysis of the existing tariff policy, indications provided at regional level with the new transport plan and  the results of PT service procurement at regional level

  • definition of specific tariff for complying the tourist needs and requirements of mobility services to be integrated.

  • analysis of the Integrated Payment system operated by the PT company in other basins to the specific ELBA situation identifying the  main pillars  and constraints for the possible extension to the Elba

  • Verifying the possibility to implement this extension with the PT company and identification for the main organization/operation and clearing aspects

  • Identification of some alternative/complimentary solutions for buying the ticket through  SMS or/and with specific smart phone app for two or three tariff typology

Delivery the technical feasibility for integrated payment solutions for Elba island