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Civitas Awards

Europe's highest award for clean urban transport

CIVITAS Award winners 2016: Rzeszów (Poland), Bologna (Italy) together with the ECC’s Cities for Public participationMalaga (Spain), Krakow (Poland) 

About the CIVITAS Awards

The CIVITAS Awards are an opportunity to highlight the most ambitious, innovative and successful efforts in the field of sustainable urban mobility.

Winners are showcased as examples of excellence before the press with the hope that they can guide and stimulate cities throughout Europe in the pursuit of sustainable mobility.




This year, outstanding CIVITAS Forum member cities can apply to be considered for the following four prestigious titles:

  • The "Bold Measure" Award for a daring and innovative approach that has not been widely implemented yet and positions the city as pioneer in certain thematic categories;
  • The “Take Up” Award for innovative sustainable urban mobility measures that have been successfully transferred from one city to another;

  • The “CIVITAS Legacy” Award for a city that has successfully translated their inspiring and committed involvement in CIVITAS into long-term implementation of innovative measures with a high impact;

  • The “Transformations” Award for significant transformation and progress towards a liveable and smarter city through an integrated set of mobility measures.

Award-winning activities are showcased as examples of excellence and promoted to the press, inspiring other cities for the further development of sustainable mobility initiatives in Europe.

In addition, the winning cities of each category benefit from the following:

  • Formal acknowledgement letter signed by the European Commission, recognising the city’s commitment to the objective of a cleaner and more sustainable public transport in Europe;
  • Visibility on the CIVITAS website and promotional material;
  • Pan-European media coverage;
  • Invitation to conferences and workshops organised by DG MOVE on sustainable mobility

The prizes


Custom trophy and letter of acknowledgement    

Winners will receive a trophy as well as a formal acknowledgement letter signed by the European Commission, recognising your city’s commitment to cleaner, more sustainable public transport.



Pan-European visibility

Your city will be showcased on the CIVITAS website and promotional material, and receive pan-European media coverage. 



Invitation to EC conferences

You will have the opportunity to attend EC conference and workshops organised by DG MOVE on sustainable mobility.



CIVITAS Awards 2018: call for applications will be open soon.

Please send your application form via e-mail to the CIVITAS Secretariat at the following address, with “CIVITAS Award Category x” placed within the subject of your message:

Application forms

"Bold Measure" Award

“Take Up” Award

“CIVITAS Legacy” Award

“Transformations” Award

The Jury Members

Permanent Jury Members

Robert Stüssi

Robert Stüssi is of Swiss and Portuguese nationality and is the CEO  of Perform Energia and his own company, Robert.Stüssi.Mobil.

He works as an urban planner and is an experienced, internationally active transport and mobility consultant. He has been the manager of various companies and researched and taught at various academic institutions.

He has acted as an advisor to various private and public entities, including the European Union on its URBACT and INTERREG projects.

He is also the former President of the European and World Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

Milena Marega
Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Slovenia

After graduation on the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Milena Marega was working for ten years as a free-lance architect on architectural, spatial planning and design projects. Her interest on environmental issues leaded her to get involved in several research projects dealing with environmental protection and sustainable development. She coordinated the team of experts working on environmental education, sustainable consumption and ecology-sound architecture. From 1993, when she retired, and until February 2013, Milena Marega was acting as the director of the REC - Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Country Office Slovenia. She was coordinating the REC Country Office’s activities and managed projects dealing with environmental protection, sustainable mobility, spatial planning, protected area management, project cycle management and evaluation, and grant schemes management. Her special interest has been public participation in decision-making process, in policy-making and in planning, also in sustainable mobility. She has been involved in several national and international projects that aimed to strengthen the involvement of stakeholders and citizens in preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and projects. Actually she is acting as a part-time project manager in the REC-Slovenia.

Susana Val
Associate Research Professor and Transport Research Group Manager at Zaragoza Logistics Center

Susana Val is Director at the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), a research and educational center of excellence that is part of the MIT Global Scale Network. She holds a PhD and MSc degree in Industrial Engineering by the University of Zaragoza (Spain). Furthermore, she also studied the Master of Engineering and Logistics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a visiting student.

Her current research activities are city logistics and urban distribution; in particular best practices, new policies development, innovations and modeling of urban areas for goods distribution. She is involved in European projects in the field, such as SOLUTIONS and, at local level is quite concerned about the innovative measures for freight distribution in the city of Zaragoza; a proof of this is the agreement between the Municipality and the ZLC to develop projects related to this topic. This fruitful cooperation led to the Diagnosis of the city of Zaragoza in terms of Urban Logistics, the design of pilots for urban freight distribution and the involvement of the city in several H2020 proposals.

Rotating Jury Members

Pedro Marin
Responsible for the European Programs Service of the City of Málaga

Economist specialized in urban planning and environment. Responsible for the European Programs Service of the City of Málaga, and the Observatory of Urban Environment (OMAU). He has worked in the development of integral urban rehabilitation projects, mainly in the old city of Malaga (1994-2017) and in the development of sustainable urban models, which at the moment is concreted in the construction of the Green Apple, pilot project sustainable construction from the territorial and social cohesion point of view. Responsible for the climate change mitigation and adaptation plan of Málaga. Secretary of the CAT MED Cities Platform. Member of the Spanish Committee of Habitat UN. Responsible for the Urban Agenda of Malaga. Member of group of experts of the Urban Agenda of the Spanish government. Editor of the 1998 United Nations Habitat Prize (Award) and 2006 (Good) for Good Urban Practices.

Sandra Pedro
Head of urban areas management division of the municipality of Torres Vedras

Master in Environmental Engineer and Master in Environmental Management and Policies, Sandra Pedro is the head of urban areas management division of the municipality of Torres Vedras. She has participated in the Municipal working groups that prepared, coordinate and monitor the Local Agenda 21, the Action Plan for Energy Sustainability (SEAP) and the Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

She has been working in the past ten years in EE, RES, Sustainable Mobility and Smart Cities projects and she has experience in leadership participation on international projects.   She has coordinated the application to “Civitas 2014 Award” in the Technology and Innovation category, in which the municipality was awarded with the” Integrated City Parking Management Project”.

Under her technical coordination, in 2015, Torres Vedras has won a European Green Leaf in the first year of the new European competition which recognizes a city's commitment to better environmental outcomes.


For inquiries please contact CIVITAS Secretariat at

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