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This project focuses on sustainable mobility in suburban districts and innovative urban freight logistics, two important areas that have previously received less attention in urban mobility policies.


  • Demonstrate and test innovative sustainable mobility in peri-central areas, combining new policies, technologies and soft measures.

  • Demonstrate and test innovative urban freight in urban centres, based on a close cooperation with the research and private sectors.

  • Contribute to the knowledge base and capacity building on effective mobility solutions with the goal to replicate solutions in other cities.

  • Increase the impact of ECCENTRIC through communication, networking and promoting the successful commercial concepts developed.


In five living labs, the project demonstrates the potential and replicability of integrated and inclusive urban planning approaches, innovative policies and emerging technologies. Clean vehicles and fuels are being tested, new regulations and services formulated and consolidation solutions developed in close partnerships with the private sector.

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The Observer Cities Group will be an active network of 20 cities across Europe, China, India and Latin America, which will engage closely with the five main project partner cities' activities as 'Living Labs' for various aspects of urban mobility of...


Paz Valiente
Project Coordinator
Irene Blázquez
Project Manager
Esther Kreutz
Project Dissemination Manager
Isabela Velázquez
Technical Manager