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CIVITAS ECCENTRIC Impact Evaluation Report

This is the fourth report for WP8, and the second delivering results of the evaluation process. The document contains Measure Evaluation Reports (MER) for each individual ECCENTRIC measure, in accordance with the Grant Agreement (GA), the guidelines provided by SATELLITE, and ECCENTRIC own Evaluation Plans. The reports present the resultsof impact evaluation for almost all measures.

This document introduces the impact evaluation of the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project, with a short summary of the procedure, defined by the Project Evaluation Manager according to SATELLITE guidelines, followed by the compilation of abstracts and conclusions of the Measure Evaluation Reports (MER) written by the Local Evaluation Managers. The complete MERs are annexed to this document. The MERs  include information about impact and process of every measure implemented and are the most complete documents for understanding theprocess of implementation and evaluation of CIVITAS  ECCENTRIC measures.  

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