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Long term evaluation report


This document describes the results of the long term evaluation carried out in the CIVITAS WIKI project.

How-to guide on long-term evaluation

This guide on long-term evaluation assists cities, especially former measure leaders, in applying long-term evaluation to their chosen measures and delivering the evaluation results. The document first provides a definition of long-term evaluation, and then some advice on how to do it. It then presents some results of previous long-term evaluations of transport measures, mainly from outside CIVITAS projects, in order to show the benefit of carrying out long-term evaluation.

CIVITAS DYN@MO launches easy to use cost benefit analysis tool

Cities in CIVITAS DYN@MO have been using an Excel spreadsheet tool developed by Lund University to calculate the net present value and benefit cost ratio of several of their measures.  The tool minimises the input and effort required by the user and calculates its results based on purchasing power parity adjusted values of time, pollution etc.

Study-visit in Ljubjana about the improvement of the cycling infrastructure and increasing public participation in cycling

A delegation from Belfast City Council in Northern Ireland carried out a study visit to Ljubljana (Slovenia) from 25 – 28 May 2015. The thematic focus of this study visit was ‘less car intensive lifestyles’ and particularly improvement of the cycling infrastructure and increasing the uptake of cycling and the city bike share scheme. In this report you can find out what the Belfast-team learned.


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