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Living Lab - Madeira

The tourism sector is one of the main engines of Madeira's economy, representing about 25 to 30% of regional PIB. The tourism activity proves to be an extraordinary source of external revenue and boost several sectors of activity, since it contributes to the employability and socio-economic dynamism at local and regional level. 

Madeira Today


Create an attractive destination through interventions in sustainable urban mobility

  • Adapt mobility system to deal with emerging demands;
  • Introduction of new formats of communication to gather stakeholders;
  • Strengthening international cooperation with China.

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce emissions/ increase air quality

  • Economy-sharing driven mobility solutions
  • Switching to less polluting transport modes
  • Local dissemination to replicate innovative green mobility measures.

Improve urban accessibility

  • Regulation for tourist mobility actors, defining routes, parking space and time of service;
  • Evaluation of the socioeconomic impact of measures that benefit the local commerce, promote public transport and user-friendly solutions in city centre.

Public transport more efficient and attractive to the community and tourists

  • Development of mobility solutions that serve both residents and tourists;
  • Development of applications of information and communication systems.


Approach for Madeira


The project creates an integrated mobility system for both the local population and the tourists, with the aim of improving the quality of life, urban accessibility, reducing emissions and energy consumption as well as improving cost-effectiveness of transport services.

The measures created will be an important driver for the implementation of efficient cutting edge transport projects.

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