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Webinar on interactive mobility 3/4 - the personalised travel info case from Aalborg, Denmark

Aalborg is keen to make reliable public transport information easily accessible to help users plan their journeus well. The city expects that modern travel information will make public transport more attractive. The main objective of this initiative is to increase public transport user satisfaction by providing simple access to up-to-date travel information.

The City of Aalborg developed two existing traffic information websites in order to give travelers better and more reliable information and by giving access to the right information influencing the traveller choice of modes of transportation, transportation time and route. The two web pages that have been enhanced are and (renamed to

Evaluation results show, that there were respectively 88% and 93% more users on the websites the first year after the modernisation and that these numbers have continued to rise in the following years. The main purpose of this measure was to give update and reliable information to the road users and this objective has been fulfilled. People are using the web pages more in the normal situation and especially in situations when conditions vary from normal.

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In our webinar on April 3th, De Lijn will share their experiences in setting up this app and answer your questions. 

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