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Utrecht looks to locals for a solution to bicycle parking

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Friday, March 4, 2011 - 15:57
Utrecht , MIMOSA

Utrecht suffers from an unusual problem. The extensive amount of dedicated bike parking spots already provided by the Council does not satisfy the demand. This has become a real headache for many in the historical city centre, causing overcrowding of pedestrian areas with parked bikes and increased time for bicycle users to find a parking spot. Intent on solving the problem, the city council turned to local citizens to come up with a creative solution.

Ideas from the public included parking basements under big squares in the city centre, parking integrated with park benches, combined parking for cars and bicycles, roof bicycle parking, a Ferris wheel for parking bikes and many more. Of the 190 innovative ideas put forward, the Council chose a Behavioural Change solution as a cost effective and efficient way for Utrecht in the long-term: Clear Information on Utrecht’s Bike Parking Rules, Enforcement of regulations by the Council and Separate Signage for short-term and long-term parking.Having conducted phase one of research, the Council has now embarked on an information campaign, clearly defining the rules to bicycle owners. Specific improvements to short-term parking will require further testing and development regarding rules, parking infrastructure and related maintenance services to ensure they can be applied properly. As with all behaviour change measures, this new parking solution will take time to implement but when it is, it is hoped that the results will stand Utrecht in a good staid for the long-term. Other activities concluded by the City of Utrecht in 2010 include the completion of a guarded bicycle parking facility of 2,691 places at the Smakkelaarsveld and a similar facility of 150 places at the Lange Koestraat.

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