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Mobility Measure

Travel Planning

As part of the Scottish Government’s Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme, Aberdeen City Council has been working in key employment areas to progress travel planning.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The work has involved establishing contacts (travel plan coordinators) within companies via their Travel Plans produced through the Travel Planning process and as submitted to the Planning department when planning permission is requested. This has enabled joint travel planning activities such as promotional events and car share schemes. As part of planning permission, the Council has also been requesting travel packs/ mobility plans, detailing travel options to the site, to be given to all new staff/ starts.

Aberdeen City Council would like to expand this programme to include additional companies within the areas of Altens/Nigg (proposed Harbour expansion area) and North Dee (location of Aberdeen Harbour) to work as a collective network to enable more collaborative working. The roll out of targeted travel packs/ mobility plans to new staff, as well as those affected by infrastructure investment would also be escalated which will be especially important when new infrastructure is impacting on congestion in an area. It will also allow Aberdeen City Council to promote options available to individuals once new infrastructure has been installed.

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April 2017

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