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Mobility Measure

Sustainable ELBA Logistics Plan

Implementing sustainable mobility

Production of the Sustainable ELBA Logistics Plan including the definition of a common normative framework and the identification of specific solutions for freight consolidation and delivery.

The main actions for  developing  the Sustainable ELBA Logistics Plan can be summarised as:

  • identification of the logistics baseline and the main common objectives;

  • analysis and definition of users needs and identification of the different modalities offer;

  • discussion table among all the interested stakeholders;

  • identification of the main suitable solutions for freight consolidation (on mainland) and freight delivery (last mile on island);

  • definition of the support conditions and organization and the related costs (investments and maintenance);

  • definition of a common normative framework, first of all the access regulations for commercial vehicles in the urban area during (in particular during summer season);

  • evaluation of the impacts on economic and environment side.