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Smart Mobility World 2016 & Urban Freight Logistics: The many faces of the last mile logistics

Author: Tito Stefanelli
Posted on: Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 19:11


The Italian event Smart Mobility World 2016 is approaching. SMW is the national and european leading and most important exhibition dedicated to the 21st century mobility: the fourth edition of this event is going to appear even more innovative, supported also by the new location ACI-SARA Safe Driving Center in Lainate (Milan).

Freight deliveries in urban areas are a longstanding problem: nowadays, there are several sustainable instances of smart urban logistics, which have been implemented in various large, medium and small cities.

During the Smart Mobility World 2016, which will be held in Italy (17-18 October), a special focus will be on best practices and outcomes of recent R&D activities.

During the Breakout Session: ‘The many faces of the last mile logistics’ (Monday, 17th October 9:30-13:00) the hottest topics of the Urban Freight Logistics will be discussed:

  • Telematic solutions for City Logistics
  • New vehicles for urban logistics
  • Route planning and optimisation
  • Innovative solutions for a sustainable logistics
  • Operational and business good practices in large, medium and small cities
  • Multimodality in urban logistics
  • Incentives and rewards to private initiatives supporting sustainability: certification, Eco-label, purchasing groups and new procurement code

The Civitas Urban Freight Logistics Thematic Group will be present at the Roundtable with Enrico Pastori (TRT Trasporti e Territorio) discussing about:

  • the credit that should be given by the public tendering entities to the suppliers that provide sustainable urban logistics
  • certification and/or eco-label; the introduction of a system of incentives for urban planning, as in the case of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • the development of an integrated vision of urban logistics and movement of people

In the previous year it registered more than 3000 participants, 202 speakers inside 16 different conferences, more than 2000 test drives and 159 among sponsors, exhibitors and partners. To participate to the 2016 edition, please make the registration here.


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