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Mobility Measure

Retrofitting the service car fleet of the Municipality

Perugia Municipality wants to set an example by retrofitting the more pollutant vehicles of the own car fleet in order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in the historic city centre. Moreover, assigning further methane kits to the citizens, it will encourage the sustainable use of the private cars in the city.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The main objectives were to reduce fuel consumption and main pollutant emissions (CO -90%, CO2 -14%, NOX  -85%) and to encourage the usage of methane retrofitted vehicles in the LTZ, as a strategy to preserve the historic environment. By introducing a system of sustainable mobility in the city, it has been possible to change citizens’ mind and attitude on the use of the private pollutant cars in all Perugia territory.

The implementation consisted of identifying the vehicles of the Municipality car fleet to be retrofitted, scheduling the retrofitting programme with the Municipality departments and garages involved, and managing the procedures for installations and methane provision.

The 100% of the “retrofittable” cars belonging to the Municipality departments and to Municipality Police have been retrofitted and homologated by the public Department of Motor Vehicles. These cars are now circulating within the city. The mobility brand ESC, developed in a parallel measure within the same project, was applied to the cars and it is giving visibility to the retrofitted cars and to the project. The remaining methane kits have been assigned to Perugia citizens through a specific award procedure, selecting a list of “winners” through the definitions of criteria which estimate both social aspects of the participants and their virtuous behaviour from sustainability viewpoint. The operations of private retrofitting finished in February 2012.

How did the measure progress?

The Municipality of Perugia uses its car fleet for making daily trips across the city. Most trips originate from peripherally located offices to the city centre. Currently, the fleet is composed of 172 vehicles using petrol. Due to their extensive use, the Municipality was concerned about refuelling costs and the level of pollution they generate. The initial idea was to retrofit Euro 1, 2 and 3 cars, afterwards the scheme was changed, deciding to install methane kits on the 100% of the “retrofittable” fleet (the vehicles actually in good maintenance conditions). Retrofitting a public car fleet has been a new type of approach for Perugia and the strategy to introduce sustainable mobility in the city began by setting an example with its own vehicle fleet.

Furthermore, the remaining methane kits have been assigned to Perugia citizens, defining a list of “winners” through a lottery.

Dissemination activities have been carried out, sending out the CiViTAS message to the Perugia public in general as a part of an overall policy to emphasize the use of methane for all public fleets and to introduce a more environmentally friendly way to use the private car.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Thanks to the use of methane retrofitted vehicles in the city – and starting from the Municipality cars as an example -  the fleet is now more cost-effective; it is hoped to encourage other public fleets and private companies to follow suit and, consequently, to make the environment in the city cleaner. Through raising awareness of the use of methane retrofitted vehicles in the city, the Municipality set an example of virtuous behaviour, pushing the citizens to have a more environmental friendly life style.

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