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Promote installation of EV-charging in multifamily houses


One important measure to facilitate the installation of overnight charging facilities, which in turn would speed up the introduction of EVs, is to provide interested parties with relevant information. In that way – the community can provide itself with these facilities and lay the ground for a cleaner vehicle fleet. The City of Stockholm has therefor (in cooperation with other municipalities in the Stockholm region) put together information material, checklists, guidelines and a film where know-how, experiences and practical examples of how charging facilities can be installed are presented. Evening seminar has been arranged with exhibitions where suppliers of charging units have been present. One of the seminar was filmed and is now also on display. More seminars are planned. The seminars have had a large number of participants and was much appreciated. Other cities in Sweden have been inspired by the work and plan to replicate the seminars and exhibitions locally. All the material is on display at the Swedish web-site .

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