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Ploiesti Conference “Exchange of best practices on urban environment”

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, March 19, 2007 - 09:19
Ploiesti , SUCCESS

Between 23-25th November 2006 at Ploiesti, the Conference “Exchange of best practices on urban environment” brought together representatives of the European Commission and European Organizations and networks, Mayors and City Councillors, Municipal officers, representative of Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism, representative of Romanian Environment and Water Management Ministry.

The conference was organized by the Municipality of Ploiesti, and was open by Mr. Emil CALOTĂ Mayor of Ploiesti City. In the framework of urban environment, the conference included presentations on urban management, sustainable transport, construction and urban design, as following: „Investments Program of the Romanian Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism” , „Urban Management for a sustainable development in Ploiesti City”, “CIVITAS I, TELLUS project - a new transport approach in Bucharest”.In the context of CIVITAS programme, Ploiesti City aims to develop sustainable transport modes and to achieve EU`s objectives regarding climate changes, energy efficiency, traffic congestion, alternative fuels, modal split, road safety, industrial competitivity, environment, health and social inclusion. In order to achieve CIVITAS objectives, the experience of this Conference is welcomed. The participants shared experiences regarding best practices on urban environment, useful to all local authorities for improving urban environment and life quality of Europe’s urban citizens. The meeting aimed to encourage the participating local authorities to adopt a more integrated approach to urban environment based on exchange of experience and good practices on the wide range of urban environment issues. A part of the Conference was dedicated to the promotion of best practices on urban environmental issues, while another part was dedicated to the conclusion of twinning agreement.The conference ended with the signing of the twinning agreement between the Municipality of Ploiesti and the Municipality of Amaroussion.The municipalities of Ploiesti and Amaroussion intend to participate together in a project from Culture Program that will be developed in May in the context of “Ploiesti Days”.The parts agreed that the conference needs a follow-up and this kind of meetings should be continued.

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