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Ploiesti City Center - Clean air for all!

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Friday, October 3, 2008 - 14:12
Ploiesti , SUCCESS

Between 16-22 September 2008, Ploieşti City celebrated the European Mobility Week, this edition being developed under the motto Clean air for all! It was a special occasion to awake, once again, the citizens about the aggressive factors for the environment - the first of them being the urban traffic.

In this framework, the deployment of activities dedicated to the means of sustainable transportation had the objective to aware people concerning the necessity to change the behavior toward the mobility concept, public transportation and, especially, the use of personal car into the urban area. The citizens had the opportunity to appreciate, by CIVITAS SUCCESS photo exhibition, open the entire week, the achievements of the three European cities, being partners into this project. Through images and colours, Ploieşti citizens could see a part of the CIVITAS measures, representative for each city. Besides, children and elders had the possibility to ride a bike, to walk or to use the inline skates, unrestricted, along the old boulevard of the city, which haven’t been open on those days to cars’ traffic. On the last day of Mobility Week, Ploieşti City Hall, in cooperation with RATP (Local Public Transportation Company) and the Environmental Office of RASP (Public Services) gathered pupils from all the high schools of Ploieşti, for the workshop on the thematic: “Ploiesti City Center - Clean air for all!”Therefore, the event represented one more time an opportunity to promote the SUCCESS project, to show, by comparison, why the reconsideration of the central space of Ploieşti City represents a priority for the local politics agenda and also one of the most important objectives of the CIVITAS II - SUCCESS European partnership.

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