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Ploieşti - a Green European City

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 - 16:53
Ploiesti , SUCCESS

The Mobility Week is an opportunity for all Europe to speak in one voice for its people, for its mobility needs and environment problems. To mark this important event Ploieşti has used this opportunity to put together the population and the representatives of the CIVITAS program in the workshop held on the 21st of September under the name “Streets for People”, inspired by the theme of this year’s Mobility Week.

Mr. Emil Calotă, mayor of Ploiesti city, opened the meeting assuring the participants of his full support of this action and offered to answer questions and help clarify situations for a full understanding for every member involved. The two parts combined subjects of the greatest interest: a training part for the Clear Zone to be implemented in our city and a part focused on the Romanian Task Force activities. During the training part, children of the Local Student’s Council and Zapodia - environmental volunteer NGO had the most active participation, freely expressing their personal opinions and support for such initiatives. Their debates with the present members of the Local Police Department, RATP and the Environment Protection Agency helped identify new problems that have to be dealt with and new possible solutions also. Our partners, RATP and Ploiesti Oil and Gas University, RATB Bucharest (CIVITAS I) with the other participants were the ones sustaining the second part of the meeting as its purpose was to reveal the Romanian Task Force dissemination responsibilities and practice exchange. The 22nd of September was another occasion for Ploieşti inhabitants to be stunned and cheerful as the municipality fleet of bicycles was launched on that day. 50 people of all ages gave an example as they rode their clean new two-wheel vehicles on the bicycle lanes of the Chestnut Boulevard. Students from high-school and university, members of the press, retired persons and public servants brought all the attention on themselves as they promoted a cleaner and healthier way of life. These events marked this all Europe important event, the Mobility Week, in the effort to take our town to a new European dimensions, hoping to accomplish a dream: Ploieşti - a green European city.

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