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The city of Norwich, situated in the east of England, is the administrative centre of the County of Norfolk. It covers some 50km² and has a population of around 120,000. In 2006, Norwich was voted the greenest city in the UK.

Whilst the city itself is relatively compact, it is built on a radial pattern. With a relatively large but low-density catchment, mobility patterns are essentially disparate. Reliance on car-based travel, particularly beyond the urban area, is very high. The city centre is easily accessible by non-car transport. Public transport services within the Norwich area focus on the city centre, and orbital journeys within the urban area are also possible by public transport via the city centre. A significant proportion of the urban population has access to a 20-minute (or better) service. Park and ride services increasingly provide long-stay car parking beyond the urban centre, reducing the need for car travel within the city.

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