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New ticket vending machines in Iasi

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 10:20

The city of Iasi is providing a new modern service to purchase public transport tickets with the aim to increase passenger comfort and meet the increasing demand for an integrated way of buying tickets.

The ten ticket vending machines purchased as part of this measure are waiting for the weather in Iasi to improve in order to be installed along the CIVITAS corridor, while the last fine-tunings are being made. The vending machines are designed for outdoor use. They feature a 17'' touchscreen, a video camera, two speakers, and accept coins, banknotes and credit cards. The tickets and season tickets are printed on secured thermal paper immediately after payment completion. The software has two components: The so-called client offers the interface between user and machine. The back-office application runs on a computer at the headquarters of the public transport company and communicates with the software installed on the vending machines. It is used to administer the whole system. The client is designed to cover all the passengers’ needs and can be further developed anytime. On the one hand, the back-office application offers the client the data it needs to run, and on the other, it offers its users tools for maintenance, reporting and for client customisation. It has been decided to extended the system over the entire city in the next few years.

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