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Mobility Measure

Mobility Application & Travel Planner for smart phones to provide real time information

The lack of real time travelling information in Cyprus is one of the main negative factors that discourage residents and tourists from using sustainable mobility modes.

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure will allow the development of a mobile application and travel planner enabling tourists and residents to use real time information and plan their travelling accordingly. It will also provide tourist information that can be useful in ensuring an enriched tourist experience.

Through the use of this application, travellers will be able to determine the nearest bus stations, bike rental stations, bike sharing stations, electric car stations and EV chargers. It will also provide options of cycling, walking and hiking routes, with description regarding distance, level of difficulty, kind of bicycle required, etc. Information regarding points of access to the beach for disabled people will also be included. Travellers will be able to leave their comments and rating of the mobility products/services used for new users’ advice.