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MIMOSA cities launch results video and brochure

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 17:09
Tallinn , MIMOSA

With initial results from CIVITAS MIMOSA measures due out in late November 2012, we bring you a sneak video and brochure preview.

Recently launched at the CIVITAS Forum 2012, the video and brochure tell how Bologna, Funchal, Gdansk, Tallinn and Utrecht worked together over four years on 69 measures at a cost of EUR 23 million. They had one central ambition: to create a community mind-shift whereby using sustainable urban mobility is a reward not a sacrifice. Looking at specific city measures in detail, the video and brochure evaluate the central MIMOSA technology-psychology approach: integrating technological, infrastructural, political, commercial and citizen engagement measures. These publications will let you know how CIVITAS MIMOSA allowed the cities to apply appropriate innovative tools, study best practices and minimise mistakes. More importantly it details the lessons learned. Here’s just a number of MIMOSA’s key legacy points. Understanding the target audience Behaviour change with significant uptake in public transport and cycling City Centre Pedestrianisation Up-scaling of measures Ongoing measure transfer to other cities via knowledge transfer and "Measure Transfer Auction" devised by MIMOSA Evidence for future Sustainable Mobility Plans (SUMPs)   In his introduction to the MIMOSA Innovative City Brochure the Deputy Mayor for Mobility in Bologna, Mr Andrea Colombo beautifully summed up the main lesson learned for all MIMOSA cities, “MIMOSA proved how a synergy of integrative and participatory actions can achieve a more significant effect on urban mobility than the sum of isolated actions carried out by one player”.   And There’s More? Watch out for: Search Engine – a powerful tool that allows you to search in mobility information from international connected databases – with key word and longer text. on the exact evaluation results  Publication of three MIMOSA handbooks in spring 2013:                                    - Enabling Cycling Cities: Ingredients for Success                                   - Evaluation Measure Handbook                                   - Smart Apps for Smarter Travel   Join us on the MIMOSA Linked In Groups for updates on exact dates.

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