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LPG in service of PT

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 21:15
Suceava , SMILE

The Public Transport fleet renewal began in 2006, when 15 Euro 3 diesel buses, brand IRISBUS IVECO were procured, and put into service and further renewals took place in 2007.

Currently, the bus fleet consists of 30 new buses, of which 15 are running on LPG fuel. The conversion system modifying one diesel engine to running with LPG fuel was installed onto one new bus, with the view of offering practical examples in two ways:1) to draw the vehicle owners’ attention towards alternative fuel car market;2) to stimulate the fuel conversion system manufacturing market, especially the manufacture of LPG converting systems. In addition to the positive impact on the environment, this activity will create new job opportunities.The experience of Suceava Municipality and the results obtained are disseminated at the city / county / national level and will offer quantitative data about the costs and benefits of switching cars to alternative fuel engines, mainly addressed at private public transport operators. This action can create a basis for enlarging the evaluation framework, by studying the impacts on employment rates in this market, level of incomes related to other jobs. Studies will also be focused on the direct impact and the interest among other PT operators (how many have shifted towards an alternative fuel transport, how many have contracted new vehicles and how many have chosen a converter). These studies will be complementary to studies related to the environment, economic, energy efficiency and stakeholders’ impacts. The results will be available to the public and to the private public transport operators. In this way, the initiative lays a broad foundation for a complex set of alterations for the benefit of society (social, economic, educational improvements), as well providing useful information on mobility management issues and decisions regarding local development, in the years to come.

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