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Ljubljana opens first CNG station in Slovenia

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 16:52
Ljubljana , ELAN

Ljubljana opened the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuelling station in Slovenia on 8 December 2011. On this occassion, 20 new methane buses of public transport company LPP, co-financed by European Union in CIVITAS ELAN Project, made their first public appearance.

The new buses run on CNG and will significantly improve the quality of urban life in the City of Ljubljana. They will contribute to a nicer and healthier environment, cleaner air and decrease noise. The 20 buses feature state-of-the-art technology. They will replace the oldest buses and most polluting buses. Air pollution is thus foreseen to decrease by up to 80 percent. Among other benefits, the new buses fulfil the most demanding exhaust criteria of the EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle). This means, that the particular exhausts, are so minuscule that they are almost harmless for citizens and the environment. The levels of carbon menoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (Nox) and of hydrocarbons (HC) are also explicitly low. In comparison to diesel bus engine (Euro 4), a methane bus releases 80-90 percent less nitrogen oxides (NOx). Compared to older buses, it releases up to 10 percent less CO2. Methane is lighter than air and can be stored in containers on top of the bus. The gas is compressed to 20 MPa (Mega Pascal), which is the equivalent of 200 bar. The new methane buses feature: Low-floor vehicles; A system that prevents passenger getting stuch in doors; An automatic system to open doors; Video-surveillance; Ergonomic and adjustable cockpit; Air-conditioning with an integrated heating system in the ceiling; Dedicated space and lowering ramp for wheelchairs or prams; Aids for blind and visually impaired people; Audio announcement of bus stops audible in the entire vehicle; LED information displays; and GPS.

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