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Benefits of Membership

Author: Chiara Frencia
Posted on: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - 16:07

The CIVITAS Forum Network brings together all CIVITAS cities committed to introduce ambitious clean urban transport strategies. Participation in the CIVITAS Forum Network can bring several advantages at various levels including assistance with policy formation, visibility, learning and sharing from others’ cities experiences.

The CIVITAS Forum Network is open to all cities that want to learn more about the usefulness of individual measures supporting clean urban transport and the best ways to combine and integrate them on a large scale. The cities of the CIVITAS Network have to prove their political and technical commitments to introduce ambitious integrated urban transport strategies.

5 concrete benefits can be gained by joining the CIVITAS Forum Network.

  • Branding: CIVITAS Forum Network cities belong to an association of cities that are pioneering sustainable urban mobility. They can improve their city public image and branding by getting the CIVITAS Forum Network Member logo. See an example:


  • Visibility: CIVITAS Forum Network cities can showcase their local experiences and achievements, via for example:
    • Participating to the CIVITAS FORUM Conference
    • Hosting CIVITAS events such as study tour and peer-review and participate in other activities, such as webinars.  Check the CIVITAS calendar to know more about past and future events
    • Having a specific page on the CIVITAS website where the city and the respective mobility project and plan can be illustrated and gain further visibility
    • Proposing articles and news to be published in the CIVITAS website, in the CIVITAS social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and in MOVE, the CIVITAS quarterly newsletter.​​
  • Networking: CIVITAS Forum Network cities can participate to the annual CIVITAS FORUM Conference. In addition, they can submit applications to be speaking in the sessions.
  • Recognition: Members of the CIVITAS Forum Network can apply for the CIVITAS AWARD, an official European Commission recognition of the most ambitious, innovative and successful efforts of cities in the field of sustainable urban mobility.
  • Steering: Members of the CIVITAS Forum Network can propose/appoint political representatives (elected councillor, vice-mayor and mayor) to be members of the CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee (PAC)

To join the CIVITAS Forum Network follows these steps:

  • Download the CIVITAS Forum Network declaration and administrative annex here (right column). The Declaration is available in all the EU languages. 
  • Complete and sign the declaration and administrative annex.
  • Send the declaration and administrative annex to the EC Representative, Isabelle Maës at and to CIVITAS Secretariat at

Once the declaration is reviewed by the European Commission for final approval your city will receive a confirmation letter by the European Commission and a CIVITAS welcome package sent by the CIVITAS Secretariat.

You will be then asked to provide pictures and city information (in English) to be placed on the website (a specific webpage will be created for your city in the CIVITAS.EU website).  

Should you have any question, please contact the CIVITAS Secretariat at

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