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Increase level of safety of pedestrian crossings

Implementing sustainable mobility

Increase of overall Elba Island urban and suburban mobility safety for residents and tourists also using innovative IT devices.

  • Identification of dangerous pedestrian crossings, also on the basis of statistics of accidents involving pedestrian on the road network of the Elba Island and with the involvement of citizen associations; 
  • Study and planning of the most suitable safety solutions (categorized on the basis of different risk levels), according to the national road normative;
  • Authorizations for restructuring the identified pedestrian crossings ( internal Municipality procedures)
  • Selection of the subcontractors to appoint the realization of the safety measures (companies must have the authorization to execute road works) 
  • Realization of planned safety actions;

Data collection and evaluation of the results of realised measures in terms of: decrease of accidents and injured persons, impacts on traffic circulation and safety

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