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The inauguration of the pedestrianized zones of the Arco de Santa María and the inauguration of a new restricted-access phase

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Monday, December 3, 2007 - 10:15
Burgos , CARAVEL

Over recent months, civil works have been completed on the road that leads up to the Arco de Santa María, one of the key monuments of the City of Burgos. The inauguration was organised in a festive atmosphere, and local residents as well as the general public were invited to participate in the event. A new restricted-access phase with bollards was also launched in the historic centre and the civil works needed to launch the full system approached completion.

One of the key monuments in the City of Burgos, the Arco de Santa María, will finally have the access it deserves, along a pedestrianized street over a bridge that provides an appropriate view. Other elements have been put in place in the centre of Burgos at the same time as the pedestrianization scheme: a statue of a female street vendor selling chestnuts, which is a very symbolic trade in the City of Burgos, as well as various flower beds. The inauguration was attended by different regional folk music groups that performed music and dances and regional songs typical for festive occasions. Many people came to watch the groups performances and to share the happiness of seeing that now finally a key monument in the city of Burgos has a more fitting surrounding.On the other hand, the installation of the restricted-access system using automatic bollards in the historic city centre is coming to the end of the second phase. Now only the third phase remains that has been delayed because of the works underway in that area. The launch of the second phase did not involve any problems for neighbours or goods distribution companies. On the contrary, the initiative was once again praised by residents and sales representatives who have seen the way in which the quality of life has increased thanks to the launch of this traffic regulation system.

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