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Mobility Measure

Improving security and safety on buses with CCTV

Boosting the popularity of public transport means ensuring that passengers feel comfortable and safe on vehicles.Photo credit: Mats Persson

Implementing sustainable mobility

Prior to measure implementation, incidents involving violence, robbery and vandalism were on the increase on certain bus routes in Malmo. A security strategy was needed in order to ensure the safety of bus drivers and to make the system more attractive to passengers by improving safety and preventing damage to vehicles. Some 38 percent of surveyed passengers said that they had experienced frightening or disturbing situations when travelling by bus, and 6 percent said that they had avoided travelling by bus due to safety concerns. When asked to evaluate various factors important for safety and security, the top three were a calm and safe driving style; the absence of vandalism on vehicles; and camera surveillance.

The aim was to equip all 170 buses in Malmo with security cameras (approximately four cameras per bus). The specific objectives were to:

  • prevent vandalism;
  • increase passengers’ feelings of safety;
  • enhance the attractiveness of city buses; and
  • boost the number of passengers using public transport.

How did the measure progress?

The public transport operator Skanetrafiken developed the security strategy, which was then approved by the regional authority.

The cameras were installed between April and December 2006 and the technical system was put into operation in January 2007.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The positive effects of the measure were already apparent in 2006, when, according to a survey by Lund University, 60 percent of passengers stated that they felt safer on their journeys after the cameras had been installed, and 17 percent said that they travelled more as a result of the cameras. Among those travelling more, between 31 and 40 percent were over 65 years of age.

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