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Gdynia (within CIVITAS I)


Gdynia is located in northern Poland, near Gdansk, and has a population of 255,000. The city’s development strategies are closely linked with its maritime economy. Spatial development is determined by the its geographical context: Gdansk Bay and the surrounding forestry reserves. 

  Gdynia is working towards sustainable development by restructuring the public transportation system and comprehensively modernising the city’s road network. Through its participation in the EU TELLUS project (Transport and Environment Alliance for Urban Sustainability), Gdynia is transforming its city centre into a clean urban transport area.

Measures implemented under CIVITAS I were widely accepted by citizens thanks to strong political support and broad communication.


Evaluation: Joanna Muszynska
Dissemination: Maciej Warszakowski
Site Management: Maciej Warszakowski


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