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Forum Conferences

The CIVITAS Forum Conferences bring representatives of CIVITAS Forum Network member cities including their politicians and technical experts together once a year. The meetings include plenary and smaller technical and roundtable sessions. This ensures ample opportunity for contact and exchange between participating cities. Each CIVITAS Forum Conference takes place in a different city and includes site visits that offer opportunity for real transfer of expertise.

A short (approximately 90-minutes) politicians´ Forum also takes place during the CIVITAS Forum Conference. It is an assembly of politicians representative of the CIVITAS cities that is typically hosted and chaired by the Mayor of the host city. The meeting is an important occasion to listen and exchange views among CIVITAS city politicians (as representatives of their citizens) on sustainable urban mobility policy issues. The event is also an ideal opportunity for CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee (PAC) to interact with politicians representative of the CIVITAS cities. By following closely the views exchanged the PAC will further debate and bring these views forward, for consideration and possible take up by the CIVITAS Initiative.