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Fifth carpool opens in Malmö

Author: CIVITAS Support
Posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 20:47
Malmö , SMILE

SunFleet opened its fifth carpool (or car club) location in Malmö in October 2007 and have today 16 operational vehicles in Malmö thanks to the CIVITAS SMILE initiative. The latest carpool location is to be found in the vicinity of Slottsstaden on Banérsgatan behind Aquakul in Malmö. As a result, SunFleet have now achieved their objective of 5 carpool locations within the project CIVITAS SMILE. The other carpool locations are at Västra Hamnen, Centralstationen, Caroligaraget and P-hus Anna.

Since our start in Malmö we have received an enormous amount of mail and telephone calls from the people of Malmö, it feels as if we are moving in the right direction. But we think there is still a considerable potential to grow in Malmö, says Caroline Jiborn from SunFleet. The last cars will be in place at the end of the autumn and there will be 16 cars or more in Malmö. SunFleet intend however to expand further in Malmö, and possible future locations include Turning Torso, World Trade Center, Värnhem and Limhamn. In September, SunFleet visited a Swiss carpool company to study how other European carpool companies work. Switzerland is a leading country when it comes to car pools, which started during the 1980s. So far, in Sweden, there are only two large commercial carpool companies. In order to meet this competition, SunFleet are investing in environmental cars and a new booking system which will make the cars even easier and more attractive to use.

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