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Mobility Measure

Creating a Transport Information Platform

Implementing sustainable mobility

The City of Trieste is currently facing a major challenge: to transform the Old Port Area into a fully integrated urban area, through a participatory and institutional process. As a support of this challenge the City of Trieste will create a transport information platform in order to share data, provide and gather information, keep contacts both with public entities involved in the Old Port project, and stakeholders and citizens interested in the economic and social future of the city.

The platform will be articulated in two main areas: an area dedicated to Old Port project (which also include a reserved section for the project partners) and an area to be used as smart mobility website to provide road users with real-time information on proposed, current and emergency works or incidents that can occur on the roads together with car park guidance, and variable message displays. This tool will have an important role in the SUMP development but it will also improve mobility of citizens (especially commuters) within the city.

Basic Information

January 2017

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