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CIVITAS Plus Cluster Report - Cycling and Walking

Increased car usage has resulted in more atmospheric pollution, noise, traffic congestion, and less active lifestyles. Cycling and walking are sustainable travel modes which could address such problems by replacing private car journeys, and the European Commission has already recommended that facilitating active travel should be a crucial part of urban planning and transport infrastructure design (European Commission, 2001; European Commission, 2011).

The measures in this cluster have been aimed at increasing walking and cycling by promotion campaigns and/or information provision, improving infrastructure and integration of these modes with public transport to provide non-car door-to-door travel options. People often makes decisions` habitually, and the measures introduced in this cluster facilitate cycling and walking by improving awareness of alternatives through campaigns, workshops, and other engagement events. 

This report was compiled for the CIVITAS Plus phase of the Initiative by the CIVITAS POINTER project.