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CIVITAS Forum Conference 2010

26/09/2010 to 28/09/2010

The CIVITAS Forum is the annual opportunity for the exchange of dialogue and views between city and European politicians on the one hand, and experts in the field of urban mobility on the other.The conference was the 8th such annual event, following fora previously hosted in various quarters of Europe including Krakow, Bologna, Kaunas, Burgos and Rotterdam since the series started in 2003. At the time, the CIVITAS Forum Network included 182 cities from 32 European countries, that have formally committed to clean and sustainable urban transport.The city of Malmö was an ideal location for the Forum. It is renowned for its eco-friendly neighbourhoods and is often referred to as “the world’s smallest big city,” not least because you can reach anywhere with a bike in 15 minutes. This philosophy of using sustainable means of transport over short journeys is one that underpinned Malmö’s involvement in CIVITAS SMILE, the achievements of which the city shared with visitors of the CIVITAS Forum 2010. More information is available at the CIVITAS Forum 2010 page. Click here to download the expressions of interest in the EC\'s new call (CIVITAS Plus II).Click here to download the Forum ReportFor more details, please contact the CIVITAS Secretariat.



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