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Activity Fund

CIVITAS Activity Fund

CIVITAS CAPITAL is supporting the take-up of sustainable urban mobility measures in Europe through an Activity Fund. This co-financing mechanism will encourage the transfer of successful measures from ‘pioneer’ cities to ‘take-up’ cities. 


Further opportunities

Organisations interested in setting up new CIVITAS national networks in countries are invited to apply to the CAPITAL Activity Fund for a maximum of € 6,000 (ie 75 percent of total costs of € 8,000 including staff time) to set up a new CIVINET. These costs would cover:

  • Preparing the ground for launching a network (such as a launch event and communication with potentially interested cities)
  • Setting up a structure (formal or informal) and registering it on the CIVITAS website
  • Helping the new CIVINET to prepare its first annual activity plan.

Funding for activity plans will be available through further Activity Fund calls once the network has been founded.



Complete your application using the application form and submit it to Proposals must include:

  • A plan for a launch event
  • A provisional plan of activities for one year
  • A list of cities that have expressed their interest in forming a network AND potential member cities
  • An outline of a possible structure and membership

For more information about applying, consult the call documentation, or email  Applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis.

For further information or enquiries about the CIVINETs' activities and governance, please contact the CIVINET Secretariat: Marie Launay ( & Agathe Martin ( at +33 2 40 35 00 72, or David Blackledge ( at +44 1 273 251 644