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Aalborg (within CIVITAS I)


The City of Aalborg emerged in the place where the Limfjorden was narrowest and therefore easiest to cross. Today it's placed central in Northern Jutland County and function as the city center of the county and with a population of 161.000 inhabitants Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark.

Aalborg has many cultural and leisure facilities for example a Tivoli, zoo, markets, museums of history and art, music and theatres, restaurants and bars and of course the famous Jomfru Ane Gade. In resent years Aalborg city and especially the city center have been changed into a more pedestrian friendly place to the satisfaction for both the users of city facilities and the retail industry. Aalborg is a city in rapid growth but still environment and sustainability is the key factor in this progress. The Aalborg charter from 1994 in The Sustainable Cities and Towns campaign was mentioned as an outspoken initiative in whole Europe. The next couple of years focus will be on the significant changes of the urban waterfront making it a place of residential housing, restaurants, retail facilities and an area of significant recreational values for the citizens. The motorway E45 runs through Aalborg in the north to Sicily in the south and is expanded further to the north to towards the ports of Frederikshavn and Hirtshals, from where there are ferries to Sweden and Norway. The railroad also connects Aalborg to the rest of the country and Europe and during these years a local tramline is established. From Aalborg Airport it is possible to fly all over the world. Aalborg harbour is one of the biggest and most modern harbours in Denmark and has easy access to both road and rail. Also a new coach terminal is being built less than a 100 yards from the railway station making this area the key transfer point for public transport in the region. Aalborg got it's university in 1974 and it is today one of the largest in Denmark and attended by more than 12.000 students. Teaching and research is closely linked to the industry and is famous for its way of teaching. Especially the departments of IT and Telecom are world famous, and many international companies have R&D units located in the Aalborg area. 

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