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Aachen workshop and study tour on electric mobility was a success with nearly 70 participants

Author: Maija Rusanen
Posted on: Thursday, February 26, 2015 - 09:26

The DYN@MO city Aachen with local partners hosted a CIVITAS study tour “How to promote electric mobility at local level? on February 10th 2015. Nearly 70 participants gathered in Aachen to learn about the City’s comprehensive electromobility strategy and work on different measures and had a chance to discuss together different solutions. Aachen is a forerunner in the field of electromobility with 460 electric cars registered in the city region and with 50 charging points.

Dr. Margrethe Schmeer, the Mayor of Aachen, highlighted three key issues in the successful promotion of electromobility on local level. Firstly, proper integration of different transport modes and tariffs, and providing smart information on mobility options is necessary. Secondly, close cooperation between different sectors and actors and interlinking research, implementation and production activities is needed. In Aachen, nearly 40 organisations are involved in the discussions and work together with this topic. Thirdly, careful planning is required. Electromobility is one of the thematic areas included in the Aachen Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.  

During the workshop, the participants had a short introduction to regional strategy on electro mobility in North Rhine-Westphalia, Cambio car-sharing scheme utilising e-cars, Electric Bike sharing scheme -Velocity, the role of municipal utility companies in the promotion electric mobility, electric public transport and electric car production in Aachen. In addition, the municipality of Klagenfurt from Austria shared their experiences within the CEMOBIL project.   

During the site visit, the participants had a chance to visit E-mobility stations combining e-car-sharing, pedelec sharing and public transport services; the Centre for electric vehicle production at RWTH Aachen University and the ASEAG depot to explore the first retrofitted articulated e-bus in Aachen that is currently being tested.

The presentations from the study tour are available on the event page

If you want to learn more about electro mobility measures in Aachen, please visit the (in German). 

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