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Ticketing and tariffs

Simplicity is the ticket

Urban congestion can be addressed by stimulating high quality collective passenger transport services, including their integration with other transport modes. In the field CIVITAS cities have worked on accessibility, intermodality, service improvements and better ticketing and tariffing. This highlight focuses on the latter of these.

The accessibility and share of public transport can be enhanced by ticketing systems that are attractive and easy to understand for everyone. Moreover, smart payment systems can provide service operators with valuable data on the behaviour and mobility patterns of users.

The key factors for success are generally the same in all cities. Ticketing systems and tariffs should be simple, user friendly and transparent. They should be integrated across all services, operators and vehicle types into smart cards. A variety of sales points, including on-street and on-board vending machines, should make tickets widely available to different user groups. Special tickets and multi-lingual services allow for the development of new markets.

By making improvements to ticketing and tariff systems, the ease and convenience of purchase attract more public transport passengers, resulting in fewer private cars entering the urban area and greater traveller satisfaction.CIVITAS encourages new ways to maximise the potential of local public transportsystems.

The Initiative has realised 30 innovative measures in 21 cities on ticketing for public transport from 2002 to 2012. Read the CIVITAS highlight on ticketing and tariffs to learn about some of the most successful and eye-catching among these to inspire other European cities.

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