CIVINET Annual Plan

CIVINET Annual Plan

The format of the CIVINET Activity Fund, administrated by the former CIVITAS Coordination and Support Action CIVITAS ELEVATE, is converted into an annual budget for the CIVINETs, responsive to an Annual Plan, administrated by the current CIVITAS Coordination and Support Action CIVITAS MUSE.

Such an Annual Plan takes into account the overall vision of a CIVINET and the specific mission for the year to come, including proposed activities in order to reach both. This plan-based budgeting allows the CIVINETs to focus on their work in creating more impactful positive results whilst controlling administrative and organisational requirements.

Funded activities add value to the main assets of the CIVITAS Initiative. They address aspects such as making transport systems and cities more resilient and better prepared to address the negative consequences of disruptive/unexpected events, and/or to improve the accessibility and connectivity of vulnerable and excluded communities and social groups. Activities that contribute to realising cleaner and better transport in cities are also of interest, particularly when they aid the implementation of the European Commission’s Green Deal policy and other strategies.

Call for a CIVINET Annual Plan 2024

Eligible CIVINET Secretariats are invited to answer the first call for a CIVINET Annual Plan 2024 for the period February 2024 – December 2024.
Applications have to be submitted by Tuesday, 05 December 2023, 17:00 Brussels time.

Download here the respective
Call information
Application form

Learn more about the CIVINETs and the Call for a CIVINET Annual Plan 2024 in this recent news article.

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