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CIVINET Activity Fund

CIVINET Activity Fund

The CIVITAS Activity Fund is a programme that supports the take-up of sustainable urban mobility measures in Europe by providing financial assistance for specific activities of the CIVNETS. Read more about the CIVINETS here.

Call for CIVINET Activity Fund 2020 now open!

CIVITAS National Networks (CIVINETs) are invited to submit activity proposals for the period December 2020 – November 2021. The deadline to submit applications is 28 September 2020, 17:00 CEST.

This CIVINET Activity Fund Call 2020 supports CIVINETs with:

  • The deployment of innovative mobility solutions in cities through local capacity building and training.
  • Engagement and networking of stakeholders at the local level, so as to overcome language and contextual barriers.
  • Involvement of CIVITAS cities in the CIVITAS network.
  • Partnering of cities with industry and civil society, in navigating through transition and change.

Types of activities

Activities are expected to add value to the CIVITAS Initiative’s main assets and to adequately address aspects, such as making transport systems and cities more resilient and better prepared to address the negative consequences of disruptive/unexpected events (for instance the COVID-19 outbreak, natural hazards, terrorist attacks, etc),  and/or to improve accessibility and connectivity of vulnerable and excluded communities and social groups.

Applications contributing to realising cleaner and better transport in cities, and that aid the implementation of the European Commission’s Green Deal policy and the Mobility Package (especially those with a focus on SUMP uptake and national support) are paticularly welcomed.

Proposals corresponding to the following five types of activity are invited:

  1. Delivery of capacity building events for cities mobility practitioners and policymakers: Organisation of workshops, seminars and webinars to provide expert advice to members.
  2. Organisation of transfer and take-up activities: Hosting fellow city members for peer-to-peer exchanges on specific measures (for example, site visits, study tours, work placements, undertake feasibility studies etc.)
  3. Production and distribution of CIVINET dissemination material: Preparing local language promotional material complementary to the CIVINET visual identity.
  4. Other activities: For example, attendance of third party events as speakers or participants, collaboration with national EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaigns, awareness raising of the network outside the network zone, and exchanges with cities.
  5. One-off ‘kickstart funding’ for the re-activation of CIVINETs: Financial support to re-establish the CIVINET Francophone and the CIVINET UK & Ireland.

Eligible applicants

The following CIVINETs (secretariats and/or members) are eligible to submit applications related to Activities 1-4:

  1. CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republics
  2. CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum
  3. CIVINET España y Portugal
  4. CIVINET Finland
  5. CIVINET Greece-Cyprus
  6. CIVINET Italia
  7. CIVINET Nederland Vlaanderen
  8.  CIVINET Polska
  9. CIVINET Romania
  10. CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia – South East Europe
  11. Magyar CIVINET

For Activity 5, engaged network partners – either private, semi-public or public – that come up with a tangible plan to host the new CIVINET secretariats of (either) CIVINET Francophone or CIVINET UK & Ireland can apply for a one-off maximum starting fund of  €6,000.

Typically, a CIVINET secretariat is in charge of administering the respective CIVINET and organising its activities on a daily basis, such as:

  • Managing the membership registrations database of contacts, in conformity with applicable data protection legislation
  • Being the contact point for the respective CIVINET
  • Maintaining and broadening the CIVINET network
  • Organising respective CIVINET meetings and events
  • Being responsible for the financial management of the respective CIVINET
  • Managing the respective CIVINET website
  • Producing information material (brochures, newsletters)
  • Being the main contact person for the respective CIVITAS Coordination and Support Action

Available budget

Applications related to Activities 1-4 are recommended to amount up to €13,000 per CIVINET. Applications related to Activity 5 are awarded with an amount of up to €6,000 per applicant.

Applicants may apply for lower or higher sums depending on their foreseen activities. Applications may be submitted by the respective CIVINET secretariat itself or by its members. In any case, each application has to be endorsed by the respective CIVINET secretariat.

Activities will be evaluated and approved individually, meaning that while it is possible for all proposed activities to be approved, it is also possible to receive approval for funding of some activities, but not others.

Submission of applications and deadline

Applicants must submit both application forms via email to by 28 September 2020, 17:00 CEST. Download the forms below.

Application form
Activity and budget form


Evaluation and award of funding

Evaluations will be undertaken independently by Mobiel 21 and ICLEI. The agreement on the funding decision, endorsed by DG MOVE and INEA, is envisaged on 23 October 2020.

Following a final confirmation of applications latest on 30 November 2020, contracts are expected to be signed no later than 11 December 2020 for activities to start earliest on 15 December 2020, when the first instalment (50 percent of the approved budget and costs) is foreseen to be disbursed. The final payment will follow the approval of an activity report.


For further information or enquiries, please contact