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Living Lab - Platanias

Platanias is a municipality of 16,874 inhabitants on the Greek island of Crete. It is located about 10 km west from the city of Chania and east of Kastelli-Kissamos on Chania Bay. The municipality of Platanias was formed following a local government reform in 2011 that merged 4 former municipalities: Kolymvari, Mousouroi, Platanias and Voukolies. They are nowbecame municipal units.

Platanias Today

In order to return urban places to people and to transform Platanias into a livable municipality, the city administration aims ts urban transport strategy and transport policy development to  a more sustainable future. This policy proposes a series of principles and criteria to assist planning for urban transport systems and the identification of infrastructure projects, reflecting the economic, social and environmental criteria that need to be addressed by urban transport projects.

One of the greatest challenges is to plan and invest wisely in infrastructure for sustainable urban transport. It is common that cities ranking at the top of surveys that measure urban quality of life have excellent urban transport systems that prioritise public transport and non-motorised modes.

For Municipality of Platanias, the urban transport strategy and transport policy plays a crucial role in urban development. Transport enables people to reach and access key public services such as education and healthcare, as well as markets, workplaces, recreation opportunities, and tourist facilities. Enhancing mobility for poor and vulnerable groups is a vital part of a sustainable transport strategy.




Olga Bertsoulaki
Production and Management Engineer, Ph.D. , Head of Department of planning, organizing and IT, Municipality of Platanias