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Living Lab - Kruševac

The City of Kruševac covers the area of 854 km2 with 101 settlement where lives 127.429 inhabitants. It is an administrative center of Rasina district in Central Serbia. During the process of development of the SUMP modal split analysis was done (44% pedestrians, 3% cyclists, 19% public transport, 32% cars, 2% taxi). The City of Kruševac was shortlisted for the European Mobility Week Award 2016.

Kruševac Today

The City Council and the City Assembly adopted the decision for starting of development the Sustainable urban mobility plan-SUMP in November 2015. The process of development of SUMP is ongoing and we expect that it will be finished and adopted this year. City of Kruševac will be the first city in Serbia that will have the SUMP.

The target of SUMP is “80:20” by 2030. That means that citizen will walk, cycle or use public transport to cover 80% of trips and car transport should decrease from present 32% to 20%.

Long-term, strategic goals:

-development of the city on a human scale and in a sustainable way

-traffic in the city should be efficient, sustainable, accessible and safe

-reduction of the negative impact of transport on the environment

Medium-term, strategic goals:

-Improvement of pedestrian traffic and the extension of pedestrian zones

-Improvement of bicycle traffic (construction of cycling infrastructure and the introduction of new services)

-Improvement of public transport services

-Improvement of parking policy

-reduction of the use of private cars and increasing the use of sustainable modes of transport

-reduction of the number of traffic accidents

The goal is to develop an attractive and accessible city of all, regardless of age, gender, and socio-economic background.


Jelena Nikolić
Independent Expert Associate